The North Carolina Paralegal Association, Inc. (“NCPA”) is a not-for-profit corporation, formed for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the paralegal profession in the state of North Carolina and throughout the United States of America. The primary goals of NCPA are to:


Assist our members with resources, education and information necessary to provide high quality legal services to attorneys, clients and the community.


Make available to paralegals formal education and continuing legal education to gain knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system that qualifies them to do work of a legal nature under the supervision of an attorney. Heighten attorney awareness of the value of maximum utilization of paralegals.


Develop relationships with attorneys and other legal professionals in North Carolina in order to elevate the status of paralegals in the state.


Conduct research in order to continually define the parameters of the paralegal profession as the profession relates to the "practice of law".


Promote our talents and skills to the community. Participate in activities and events which exhibit our strengths and abilities. Encourage our members to share their knowledge and experience through presentations and educational opportunities in order to increase the public’s perception of our profession. Provide leadership and exhibit professionalism in all that we do.


Take an active role in bringing new paralegals into NCPA. Ensure the future of our organization through public awareness and professional excellence. Actively promote our achievements and those who accomplish them in order to maintain visibility in the community. Develop, refine and follow a long-term plan for the growth of NCPA.

We embrace these principles and values, and pledge to strive for excellence in our profession through the adherence to this mission statement.